If you are one of the millions of people in American suffering from excessive hair, you may have heard of something called No No Hair Removal. An electrical device that is being touted as a miracle cure for people with excessive hair on face, arms, legs and body.

If you would love to try a new treatment for your excessive hair is No No Hair Removal a good one to try, and can it completely kill excessive hair on your body?

How does No No Hair Removal work? -- No No Hair Removal is a small device that sends a pulsating electrical current down the shaft of the hair that you apply it to. This burns the hair and stops it from growing back in as thick. Over time, the more you use the No No Hair Removal, the less thick your hair will be and the less it will grow in.

Will the No No Hair Removal kit completely kill your excessive hair? -- You would honestly need to use the device every day for many many months for the hair to be killed completely so, no, this is not likely.

What the No No Hair Removal device will do, however, is make the hair much lighter and finer over time so it is far less noticeable. This means you will eventually go from having to use the device on your excessive hair several times a week to maybe once every week or two. When the hair does grow back it will be less noticeable.

Where to buy the device? -- You can buy the device from a number of online vendors. Just find the one that is currently offering the lowest price and give it a try. Most have a 30-day return policy as well.

All the way back in the year 2004, we were presented with a new solution for the removal of the unwanted hair on your body, developed by the company, Radiancy, Inc. Previously, we had mainstream devices like the "Tria" and "Silk'n". The before mentioned devices used "IPL" or "Intense Pulsed Light" to remove the unwanted hairs. The No!No! system applies the concept of Thermodynamics or as they call it "Thermicon Technology". This system encourages the use on all body parts of the user. (This excludes the areas on or near genital organs.)

How does it work?

The actual logistics of this system are fairly simple, and easy to understand. Essentially, a small electric pulse travels down a wire, and shocks hair shafts. This removes the hair, and destroys it in the long term.

Where do I get one?

You can get No!No! in one of the following two places.

1. Authorized Merchant
2. Radiancy's official website

There are only a select number of Authorized merchants out there, and if you do go to an authorized merchant, you won't get access to the great offers and deals I've listed below.

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No!No! Product Review

The No!No! Pro is the latest, and most premium model that Radiency, Inc. has released to general consumers.

Despite their claims, The product lacks the ability to make the claims they made in their initial sales pitch. In addition, the overall ratings on the NoNo website are overwhelmingly negative. Also, a major disadvantage of the NoNo system, is the overwhelming odor of burning hair. Many users report how easy it is to make one careless mistake, and have it result in injury. The old saying "where there is smoke, there is fire." Still applies here, as 56 housefires caused by a NoNo device were reported in 2016 alone.

In conclusion, there are better alternatives to the NoNo system. Not only is the system ineffective, but it is also highly expensive. $300 for the latest No No Hair Removal pro system. Personally, I recommend seeking professional hair removal, before you shell out $300+ for a system that will be ultimately ineffective in the long run.